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Public Relations

Businesses who turn talk into action earn trust. Summit Communication Brisbane create communications to follow meaningful actions, this way public relations catalyses growth.

The prime driver of Trust used to be a company’s competence. Simply, that it was good at what it did. Today, this effort represents only one-quarter of the race. The remaining three-quarter marathon is contingent on a company’s purpose, integrity and reliability.

We take a multi-stakeholder, inside-out communications approach with employees usually as our first priority. Followed by customers, shareholders, policymakers, government, potential customers, and the media who influence them.

Inspired by data-led insights and a better understanding of people, helps us resonate with these audiences on our clients’ behalf – through media, social media, digital platforms, virtual meetings and one-to-many webinars, and in person discussions.

Controlling the narrative is the ghost of public relations past. In our socially connected world, we favour broad community story development and validation.

This is why our communications are not transactional and one-way, but rather a conversation.

Listening, not telling. This gets you known for the right reasons and builds your relationships with the right people on mutuality and trust.

PR is the communication thread for equity building that’s meaningful, measurable and influential. It can build and protect your reputation; help you reach you goals faster and unveil new opportunity.

Engage us to be the force that prompts substantive change in your company or brand.

Public Relations

Principles & Culture.

Our quality of life is governed by the quality of our communication.

Creating communications for clients to follow – or be followed – by meaningful actions inspire trust for their businesses. We believe skilful communicators are the most dangerous and useful people in society – someone with the aptitude to research in pursuit of truth, articulate ideas persuasively, and write to move audience minds.

Summit Communication was established to be a home to such creators, we are proud to call them our people.

A Process for Progress

Image and persuasion matter less than tangible commitments and accountability to influence the audiences you most need to reach. Our team use a proprietary process to progress people, marketing, and businesses forward to deliver optimal outcomes.


Summit Communication Brisbane begin by indexing your public relations PR and marketing to date; its reputation, opportunities, risks, threats and strengths. Then, we offer insight from rhythms found in other client engagements, which help logically guide your aim from the bottom-up.  From the opposite direction, we identify the cultural forces and tectonic societal shifts that make it possible for a creative catalytic moment in time for you. The multiplier equates the impact your active communications can have.


You orientate us on your stakeholders, goals and market environment. We then leverage our media communication expertise to your advantage. The outcome of this collaboration yields a clear strategy to reach your goals, where its contributing actions have been carefully considered and cost managed.

Active Communications

We take an omnichannel approach to integrate campaigns and reach audiences wherever they spend time. Deployment of communication tactics is sequenced so that stakeholders can verify a message’s validity and interact. This assists the profile of your business, prior to broadening reach to more substantial media, wherein communication strategy deepens.

Perpetual Public Relations & Marketing Support

Our relationship is structured to provide you with optics of what’s working and worth evolving, and what’s not. We deploy ongoing content marketing that is format-agnostic, which means communications are conformed so they can iterate at the velocity of a positive feedback loop catching speed on social media. Regular strategy reviews allow us to evaluate progress, pivot as needed, advance opportunities, and make data-led adjustments.

Evaluate & Evolve

Effective public relations can be a company’s agent for change in societal attitudes, perception, or opinion. As change occurs, results flow and new insights surface. Depending on your goals, we can provide annual, six-month or quarterly reviews to determine how your approach should be developed and refined.

Engagement Models.

Our Services

Clients seek us out to get them on the news agenda, which they know will earn exposure that can’t be bought with advertising dollars. We tailor a media relations calendar that works in harmony with your growth goals. Whether it’s the traditional consumer or business media, niche publications or subspecialty medical journals, our connected team will develop your strategy, refine key messages, set targets, create materials, and activate outreach to drive outcomes. The greatest skill we bring to the lives of journalists is our ability to identify and reveal stories with a powerful perspective, when this happens, client outcomes are assured.

We are experts at designing multi-touch persuasive presentations for end-to-end solutions, capital raising, and the sale of enterprise services – where approval from multiple decision makers is required. Each presentation we create is highly interactive, unique, effective, and customised for your offering.

The scope of our work with clients often includes: audience analysis, presentation roadmap, presentation skills training, supporting tools and materials (e.g. proposals, engagement orders, C2As, risk reversal tactics, follow ups), and onboarding procedure. Whether your format needs to happen at a live event, an inperson presentation or a virtual pitch, our presentations increase sales effectiveness.

The second most visited page on a company website, after the home page, is ‘about us’. People want a sense of type of the organisation you are, its purpose, its values, and the leaders who create its culture. We think most companies miss the mark when it comes to building the profile of their leaders and what this could bring.

Our unique biography process can be used for a CEO, Founder or the entire C-Suite. It uses personal interviews, biography filmmaking, studio photography, digital content distribution and media outreach.

This endeavour is not about ego-centric personal brands, but instead, intended to pave the bridge for authentic relationships that lead you to new people and opportunities, who share your values.

We take a 360-degree approach to digital marketing to earn thought leadership, maximise a media relations strategy and to drive measurable outcomes, which are perpetually improved.

Typically, we execute on a content plan that integrates search engine optimisation, paid media campaigns (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc), stakeholder marketing, social media distribution and outreach, and advanced online reputation management protocols to maintain brand trust.

360 Digital PR engagements are structured to support 2-5 year media strategies. We offer shorter term engagements (3-18 months) that are honed to address a single issue, event or service launch.

Consumers expect companies and government to identify original ways to operate more responsibly and sustainably for the future of our society. We work with companies and nonprofit organizations to develop thoughtful active communication strategies that align positive environmental impacts with profitable practices.

We start with consulting to align sustainability and business goals, then make materiality assessments and sustainability reporting, through to program implementation and multi-stakeholder engagement.

Multi-stakeholder mapping gives precision and confidence to your strategy. It underpins PR, communications and marketing with learned insight to increase engagement.

Inside-out communications begin with your employees first. Followed by customers, shareholders, policymakers, government, potential customers, and the media who influence them. Each group strengthens strategic public relations activity.

In era of disruptive change, reaching the hearts and minds of employees with goal of fostering trust, sharing stories and building a base of individual and independent advocacy is paramount to success.

We work with clients to activate new ways of working to support the company’s core purpose. We have helped to lead clients through upheaval and uncertainty of transformative change. Employee experience allows for communications to be two-way and valuable.

The surge of shareholder activity sweeping through the markets is only accelerating, we give you clarity, shareholders confidence and help your business keep pace.

Financial Communications
With our expertise in financial communications, we know the challenges the capital markets present to companies. Polarising earnings announcements, complicated M&A deals, thorny regulatory issues and broadening the shareholder base are just a few of the situations we can help clients navigate.

IPO & Pre-IPO Capital Raising
We help companies secure expansion funding with investor communications that are compelling and compliant. Whether it’s a Start-Up Slide Deck, IPO Prospectus, Private IM or an Annual Report. Our expert team can help guide your strategy and execute the materials you need to effectively communicate with private and sophisticated investors.

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