Summit is a firm on a mission
to help Australia find its national ambition.

About Us

Why we exist?

Our alliances with Britain and the US have been always been strong. But it’s time for Australia to find its national ambition – and make an impact on the world. This requires leadership, skilful diplomacy abroad and ambitious policies at home. We need confidence and trust in Australia. And its extraordinary power to communicate.

About Us

What we do?

Summit Communication Group is a premier media relations firm, focused on delivering unique insight and partnership for companies to elevate, promote and protect their businesses and reputations. We are committed to the integrity of quality Australian journalism – and meet them with well researched stories designed to resonate.

What drives our work?

Beyond PR. We incite the action that creates a catalytic moment in time for a business or brand. We help clients grow their platform, by using:


About Us

I founded Summit Communication because I sensed a growing need from CEOs and Founders of great Australian businesses wanting to adapt to change, evolve and innovate.

The pandemic put trust to the test. It was time to contemplate the uncertain future of PR, communications and marketing.

The media is struggling with being objective and non-partisan. Most news organisations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.

Many journalists and reporters are purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.

The solution?

I believe it’s dangerous creators who must lead the charge.

These people have unshakeable self-belief and a commitment to sharing original, provocative, and captivating stories – and they will always be the pioneers of media.

Summit Communication Group was designed to be a home for dangerous creators.

Our active communications use a combination of journalism, cultural archaeology, psychology, best-in-class photography, and biography writing to drive optimal outcomes for clients.

We have a purpose to collaborate with clients using our unique principle-led approach to make meaningful societal connections, forge relationships and outpace their competition.

Our storytelling and platform growth methods move the media relations industry forward and win big audience appeal.

Regardless of how we make a new connection for our clients, we are in the business of advancing trust. Trust builds and protects reputations. It also enriches every dimension of the marketing mix. Trust gives Advertising, Social, Promotion, DM, Sales and Brands potency.

Let’s move forward.

Gregory Gray
CEO & Founder,
Summit Communication

About Us

Principles & Culture.

We offer our people the opportunity for merit-based advancement more rapidly than is available to them at most other firms. Our organisational structure reflects a hierarchy of competence, we’re transparent about the role and responsibilities, which must function to best serve our clients and our firm within each of these five tiers.

For us to be effective, our people must best represent the diversity of community in which are active. Summit Communication Group practice equality of opportunity, we are culture for men and women from different nationalities, backgrounds and perspectives.

Tell us what you need.