Future of Communication.

We are a house of communication who partner with enduring luxury brands to create meaningful narratives, enriched with global public relations experience, purpose-driven strategy and disruptive innovation.

We offer Luxury Brand Management, Branded Entertainment, Art Economics Advisory and Entertainment Investments, We partner with the best in the business for Litigation Funding, Acquisitions Growth and Investment Banking.

Welcome to a bold cinematic future.

We more than ever have an extraordinary responsibility to help the most influential businesses out there navigate the new frontier of marketing and communication.

We’re living in a world redefined by screens. The opportunity within this visual landscape is creativity for growth.

The power of developing a creative idea that will solve a problem and transform a business into a recognized brand.

But right now, the world of contemporary marketing is a multiverse of contradictions.

Data versus creativity.
Performance versus purpose.
Reach versus depth.

Confusion that agencies add to, because of the scarce resources they are bound to promote. They are further handicapped by a legacy model of doing business, the way it was done almost a century ago!

But as the late economic anthropologist, David Graeber, said: “The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make… and could just as easily, make differently.”

To evolve the distinct role that we have as an agency, to help clients who are already number one, fortify their position; or for new clients aiming to be number one, outsmart their competition – we need to reinvent ourselves.

We need to disrupt indifference.
We need to innovate the new future.
We need to be future proofed.

So at Summit we asked ourselves, if you had to imagine a marketing and communication network made for today, that would flawlessly unite creativity, media and audience data together – what would it look like?

Today, we are building this global network.

A home for creators.
We call it Summit Communication Group.
Our creative network is built for today and for tomorrow.

Summit was born from the heritage of cinema, raised in the digital world.

Our DNA is a synthesis of our British heritage in advertising, filmmaking, data, digital experience and our unparalleled understanding of the media landscape. Our currency is our ability to create culture, at the breakneck speed of innovation.

We exist to transform businesses into brands through the power of story. So what’s our view on brand storytelling?

It is entertainment produced by brands from a creative idea that’s big enough to live in the world. A high-concept premise that can connect personally with millions.

Brand storytelling creates culture. It doesn’t parrot it.
It’s marketing sought by audiences. It doesn’t disturb them.
A brand story is a film that becomes a shared memory.

Made possible by cinema.
Made personal by neuroscience.
Made magical by the power of imagination.

Brand storytelling makes a difference to people. To communities. To society. It helps businesses find a meaningful purpose in today’s world. And when distributed, it can be a financial force multiplier.

Welcome to a bold cinematic future.
Welcome to Summit.

Aim higher


The Future Of Luxury

Summit Communication Group is a luxury brand network who champion the bold so they achieve the extraordinary. We craft culturally rich campaigns to captivate affluent audiences. Our services include strategic communications, design and advisory and curated offmarket investments for partners. That’s Summit. Art. Luxury. Events. Talent. Community. Innovation to drive extraordinary.

Inside every brand and company there lurks a story. It doesn’t need to be invented – just revealed. And once revealed, given shape and released, it can be a gamechanger. If you are ready to aim higher, we can connect the dots in ways others can’t.

Summit Communication can help influence your public perception, develop your support networks and grow your business. Sometimes the status quo invites revolution for a disruptor to emerge and reinvent a whole category, market or political vista.

Together, we can:

  • Raise your influence and reach
  • Give your brand incredible depth
  • Build a foundation for stakeholder trust
  • Navigate and respond to current events of COVID-19
  • Engage new audiences and connect with them at scale
  • Prevent or manage a critical issue, crisis or reputation problem
  • Elevate your PR to challenge assumptions and influence public opinion.


Public relations, investment services and luxury brand management that challenge assumptions and engage people to think differently.


Principles & Culture.

Our quality of life is governed by the quality of our communication.

Creating communications for clients to follow – or be followed – by meaningful actions inspire trust for their businesses. We believe skilful communicators are the most dangerous and useful people in society – someone with the aptitude to research in pursuit of truth, articulate ideas persuasively, and write to move audience minds.

Summit Communication was established to be a home to such creators, we are proud to call them our people.


We strive to have a meaningful impact for our clients’ benefit. This is the foundation of trust on which our long-term relationships can be developed. Our experience validates that if we exceed clients’ expectations, our own success will follow

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