Stories Worth Sharing.

Platform Growth

Grow your platform with a compelling story at its foundation.

We recommend the action that creates a catalytic moment in time for a business or brand. We call this Platform Growth.

Have a brilliant perspective for a book, but don’t know where to start? Want to produce a gripping documentary film to proliferate awareness and drive the conversation? We can help you.

Need to publish a tactfully articulate whitepaper to address a controversial argument, but can’t find a team you trust? You talk. We listen.

There’s a great hunger for change, you can feel it, but many businesses and marketing firms are effete at coming up with any compelling visions of a future that really grabs people.

Our clients are different. They understand the inherent value in growing a platform to exponentially drive reach, influence and revenue.

We help you make informed investments in marketing, define what you platform should be, how to best grow it, and drive outcomes.

This might involve thought leadership or creating an online content hub, digital marketing or taking a direct approach to convene audiences by going beyond demographic stereotypes and instead tapping into enduring human needs.

Let us reveal your best stories and tell them to the world.

This not only protects your reputation, but it also builds robust emotional connections with your clients and future clients, at scale.

The transformation?

  • Confidence in your marketing direction and investment.
  • Ownership of a platform to drive your PR and marketing.
  • Substance that’s made to be sought, rather than interrupt attention.
Platform Growth

Principles & Culture.

Our quality of life is governed by the quality of our communication.

Creating communications for clients to follow – or be followed – by meaningful actions inspire trust for their businesses. We believe skilful communicators are the most dangerous and useful people in society – someone with the aptitude to research in pursuit of truth, articulate ideas persuasively, and write to move audience minds.

Summit Communication was established to be a home to such creators, we are proud to call them our people.

The Process

We define your marketing and communication problems clearly, provide a blueprint to address them and implement a platform growth solution that has a favourable impact to grow your platform.


Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find out? And why should they care? We build an evidence base to develop the most refined understanding of your business strategy, insights into audience architypes and your marketing communications.

Audit & Select

Selecting the optimum platform for your growth must meet two criteria: be a good investment for your business; and a great investment of your customers’ time. We give advice that’s driven by data to demonstrate how to get the most from your communications to elevate or reimagine your PR and marketing.

Produce & Execute

Collaboration ensures execution of work that’s both substantive and worth sharing. Inside every brand and company there lurks a story. It doesn’t need to be invented – just revealed. And once revealed, given definition. We synthesise learnings of your business strategy, stakeholders, and commercial aim, with our expertise to prepare a narrative that captures attention.

Distribute & Elevate

We have deep expertise in the complicated world of movies, broadcasting, and publishing who can advise you on the right distribution path. We can manage your ongoing campaign to drive growth, develop trust in your reputation, reach and nurture prospects, engage with customers at scale, orientate stakeholders, and strengthen your PR position.

Our Services.

Leaders, along with our team, often think they know they know what will spark the interest of their target audience and earn attention. And yet our process always yields profound insights, which become a new foundation for authentic marketing choices.

It’s very difficult for any company to put out any message without sounding propagandistic. Stories offer a path to better resonate with customers, demonstrate your competitive advantage, reveal benefits and clarify a position. Structuring a story to fit a universal architype that’s marinaded over millennia in human evolution is the most attractive growth decision for any company or brand. Our primary aim is to reveal a story that will move minds in perception and behaviour. This informs supporting marketing apparatus, channel mix decisions around distribution, messaging and measurement.

Our journalistic experience and resources can be leveraged whether you’re a first-time author who doesn’t know the first thing about writing a book, or a Founder who doesn’t have the time to construct a full-length business biography.

We can assist you with an end-to-end solution from positioning a book’s theme, conducting research, finding the right voice and put you on the right path to a published success. We offer nonfiction editorial, publishing and comprehensive ghostwriting services for clients in need of shaping their story, idea, or perspective into a book.

Need a biography film to radically differentiate your personal brand or a set of videos to capture the persona of your leadership team? Got something to teach and monetise through an online video masterclass? Want a feature-length documentary to reach the widest audience for your charity or social cause?

Branded entertainment is a bold and memorable strategy for a company to radically differentiate its position and forge emotional connections at scale, in ways other marketing can’t. We recognised this long before others and went all chips in. For years now, we have been making transformative films to move businesses, people, marketing, and the world forward.

We offer clients a phase-by-phase filmmaking experience that includes: business and finance strategy, story development, narrative design and scriptwriting, physical production, editing, distribution, marketing, and monetisation. Clients are drawn our unique story development process, which offers you a high barrier-to-entry, which is extremely difficult for your competitors to credibly imitate.

Earning thought leadership in the hearts and minds of people who make up your market can get your company firmly on a success curve. It will change the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the value you bring to stakeholders. Being an authority in your field requires consistent communications that carefully aligns three essential dimensions: clarity, depth and the power to engage.

We research, execute, and manage thought leadership campaigns for our clients, which drive earned media recognition and reputational accolades. This also supports organic website traffic through SEO, which is measurable, and generates market trust which cannot be bought through advertising.

We understand how journalists think, the stories they look for and what it takes to be newsworthy. It’s why our clients earn the publicity they do across TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online.

Clients know we have the combined public relations and corporate communications experience to seek us out. Our team’s focus starts with research to form strong points of view, making your communications more active – this gives you the best chances of media outcomes that have the biggest impact.

If you choose to take a traditional path, we can introduce you to agents who specialize in your genre and who will maximize your opportunity of landing the best deal. We have connections to key players in the complicated world of global movie distribution, broadcasting, and on the traditional publishing scene.

We can make introductions for the right client with the right project to influential people who can grow your platform to ensure its noticed and reaches the widest audience available.

Own Your Story.