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Litigation Funding

Summit Communication Group, backed by institutional investors, now specialise in Litigation Funding, bringing this vital service to top-tier law firms in Australia and New Zealand. We provide essential financial support for businesses and individuals engaged against Corporate, Multinational and Government IP and Patent violators, ensuring equitable access to justice.

Our expertise in aligning institutional investors with litigation funds empowers law firms and their clients, enabling them to pursue and sustain litigation end-to-end cases. Discover our tailored funding solutions designed to support your legal journey.

Litigation Funding

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Empower Law Firms through Litigation Financing

At Summit Communication Group, we are dedicated to making justice accessible. Our team, driven by a commitment to fairness and equity, provides strategic financial solutions that empower clients to pursue legal actions without the burden of financial limitations.


Strategic Financial Support for Legal Challenges

Our process is meticulously tailored to the unique demands of litigation funding. We begin by understanding the specifics of your legal case and financial needs, ensuring our support is both strategic and effective.

Due Diligence: Case Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of your case, litigation team and run independent due diligence to align our funding with the potential for a successful outcome.

Financial Planning

Our team develops a comprehensive financial plan, providing the necessary resources to sustain your legal action.

Ongoing Support

We offer continuous support throughout your legal journey, adapting our financial solutions as your case evolves.

Risk Management

We implement robust risk management strategies to safeguard your interests and ensure the viability of the funding arrangement.

Outcome Optimization

Our experts work closely with legal teams to optimize case outcomes, ensuring that the funded litigation progresses towards a favourable resolution.

Why Us?

Aligning Institutional Investors and Litigation Funds

Supported by a robust network of institutional investors, Summit Communication Group offers expansive access to substantial capital resources. Our keen understanding of the specific capital needs of businesses allows us to meticulously align General Partner (GP) managers’ strategies with our private equity interests, fostering enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

Funding of Litigation Fund Companies

The capital partners of Summit Communication Group not only specializes in co-underwriting litigation capital alongside our co-investors on a case-by-case basis, but we also strategically deploy capital across diverse structures to litigation fund companies in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This approach effectively complements the internal and fund capital of General Partner (GP) fund managers. The trend of co-investments is on the rise as fund managers increasingly seek to tap into new capital sources. According to Pitchbook data, the total capital raised for co-investments with Private Equity (PE) investment managers surged from $6 billion in 2015 to $10.3 billion in 2022. This growth occurred despite a fundraising dip from 2021 to 2022, with the number of PE funds reducing significantly from 1,129 in 2021 to 597 in 2022. This shift reflects Limited Partners’ (LPs) strategic focus on more experienced managers amidst cautious capital deployment.

Co-Investment Opportunities

As the PE market expanded to an impressive $4.6 trillion in Assets Under Management (AUM) by the end of 2021, the competition intensified. The market is now replete with new funds and managers, making it increasingly challenging for new and emerging managers to establish credibility and stand out in the crowded LP market. Co-investment has emerged as a strategic tool for some GPs, enabling them to expand their capacity to fund litigation transactions.

Non-Recourse Litigation Capital: Transforming Law Firms into Profit Centers

Law firms aiming to transform their client relationships and evolve into profit centres can significantly benefit from pursuing meritorious legal claims while leveraging litigation finance to cover costs typically borne by clients. The key to this transformative strategy lies in utilizing non-recourse finance solutions. Under this model, the return to finance funders is contingent upon successful recovery in the underlying litigation, aligning the interests of all parties involved.

At Summit Communication Group, we specialize in underwriting cases in collaboration with attorneys and private equity firms. Our approach is particularly advantageous in providing liquidity for expansion capital based on IP underwriting, as well as financing legal expenses and working capital during the lifespan of litigation or arbitration. This strategy not only mitigates litigation risk but also offers balance sheet solutions to accelerate revenue recognition from contingent legal assets.

Benefits of Non-Recourse Case-by-Case Capital Litigation:

Enabling Meritorious Case Pursuit: Law firms can confidently pursue cases with strong merit, backed by financial support that doesn’t burden their clients.

  • Mitigating Litigation Risk for Clients: Clients benefit from reduced litigation risk, as financial obligations are contingent on successful case outcomes.
  • Improving Client Cash Flow: This approach aids clients in maintaining healthier cash flows by alleviating upfront legal costs.
  • Transitioning from Cost to Profit Center: Law firms can shift their operational model from being cost-centric to profit-generating entities.

If your law firm is poised to redefine its client relationships and transition into a profit centre, non-recourse case-by-case capital litigation offers a strategic pathway. Contact Summit Communication Group today to explore how this solution can benefit your firm and your clients.

Industry Sectors

These sectors exemplify the versatility and impact of IP-backed financing, demonstrating its role as a strategic financial tool across various industries, particularly where innovation and legal complexities intersect.

Fuelling Life Sciences Innovation with Strategic Capital Solutions.

In the dynamic world of life sciences, IP-backed financing emerges as a pivotal resource. Companies in this sector extensively utilize it for funding critical phases like research and development, clinical trials, and commercialization. This form of financing is particularly advantageous for life sciences firms, offering capital access without equity dilution or relinquishing control over their technological innovations.

Empowering Cutting-Edge Technology with Tailored Financial Ingenuity.

Deep tech firms, known for pioneering groundbreaking technologies capable of industry-wide disruption, often face substantial initial research and development costs with uncertain revenue pathways. IP-backed financing serves as a crucial lifeline for these companies, providing the necessary capital to evolve their technologies from concept to market-ready products.

Securing the Future of Data with Strategic Financial Safeguards.

As data security becomes increasingly vital for businesses across the spectrum, IP-backed financing steps in to support initiatives in developing advanced security technologies and implementing robust measures to safeguard against data breaches.

Driving Industrial Progress with Robust Financial Foundations.

Characterized by its capital-intensive nature, the heavy industry sector often requires substantial funding for large-scale projects. IP-backed financing is not only instrumental in supporting these projects but also plays a key role in financing research and development, aiding businesses to stay competitive and innovative.

Transforming Legal Challenges into Opportunities with Strategic Funding.

An emerging field in the financial landscape, litigation finance offers crucial funding support to companies engaged in legal battles. This financial tool is particularly beneficial for firms lacking the resources to self-finance their litigation, enabling them to pursue and potentially achieve successful legal outcomes.

Navigating Financial Complexities of Insolvency with Expert Financing Solutions.

In insolvency litigation, which involves the restructuring or liquidation of companies, IP-backed financing can be a strategic asset. It ensures the efficient utilization of a company’s assets during these critical processes, aiding in navigating the complexities of insolvency with financial prudence.

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