Global Synergy for Transformative Investments

Private Equity, Venture Capital, Special Situations

Summit Communication Group, in strategic partnership with Phoenix-5, a premier Singapore investment bank, excels in Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Special Situations. This collaboration is designed to serve global corporate and multinational clients seeking investments between $100m – $10bn. We bring together our expertise with Phoenix-5’s distinguished track record to offer unparalleled opportunities for transformative investments across the globe.

Phoenix-5 is an Investment Management and Investment Banking firm with a global reach, originally founded in 2017 as Aesir Partners. The firm, domiciled in the British Virgin Islands, comprises senior investment professionals from prestigious organizations such as Sequoia Capital, Goldman Sachs, GIC, Bain, TPG, SAC Capital Advisors, J.P Morgan, and Lehman Brothers.

Investment Management Expertise

Pioneer Legacy

Phoenix-5’s team members have an exceptional buy-side track record, responsible for landmark transactions including Sequoia China’s origination of Bytedance and PDD. In Investment Banking, Phoenix-5 has an impressive deal origination pipeline exceeding USD 350 billion globally over six years, serving many of the world’s top clients.

Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Commodities

Seize Moments. Shape History

The firm operates in various sectors including Private Equity (Growth and M&A), Private Debt, Venture Capital, and Commodities globally.

Distinguished Clientele

Results Define Reality

Phoenix-5’s clients include global tier-1 funds, governments (USA, China, and Singapore), and world-leading corporates, with many anchor clients being regional or global leaders in their fields.

Expand Success for the Visionary

Discover how our joint venture, institutionally backed and focused on high-potential ventures, can drive your business towards groundbreaking success in diverse markets.

Private Equity, Venture Capital, Special Situations

Principles & Culture

Driving Innovation and Growth

At Summit Communication Group, together with Phoenix-5, we are committed to fostering innovation and growth. Our partnership combines deep industry knowledge and global market insights, empowering businesses to achieve scalable success and establish a commanding presence in their industries.


Strategies for Global Investment Success

Our process, enriched by our partnership with Phoenix-5, is meticulously designed for global investment success. We analyze your strategic objectives and market landscape, ensuring our support is comprehensive and globally focused.

Global Investment Analysis

We conduct thorough analysis leveraging Phoenix-5’s extensive network, identifying potential investment opportunities and market trends.

Strategic Investment Planning

Our combined team of experts develops a comprehensive investment plan, outlining a roadmap for successful global ventures.

Ongoing Support and Market Adaptation

We offer continuous support throughout the investment journey, adapting strategies to align with evolving global market dynamics.

Risk Management and Compliance

Implementing robust risk management strategies, we navigate global market complexities, ensuring compliance and safeguarding investments.

Maximizing Investment Potential

Our experts work closely with your team to optimize investment outcomes, achieving desired global objectives and market leadership.

Why Us?

Global Reach with Expert Insights

Our partnership with Phoenix-5 enhances our global reach, combining Summit Communication Group’s expertise with a broad international perspective. This collaboration offers expansive access to global capital and strategic insights, aligning investor interests with transformative opportunities.

Team and Track Record

The team’s experience spans buy and sell-sides, with senior management roles at leading investment organizations and responsibility for major global deals.

Anchor Clients

Strategic advantages include JV deal flow, intelligence, and secondary trades with governments, top corporates, and UNHW families.

Global Network

Phoenix-5 has a vast network of institutional investors for every asset class, providing immediate distribution to decision-makers.

Deal Transactions

Our focus sectors demonstrate the versatility and impact of our global investment strategies.


Phoenix-5 is involved in transactions across all stages and asset classes within the technology sector, including M&A, Growth, and Private Debt.


The firm focuses on Base Metals and Energy, working with top Commodity Traders, Funds, and governments.

Real Estate

Clients include Sovereign Wealth Funds, leading Developers, Real Estate funds, and Corporates, active in both Equity and Debt.

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