Strategic Expansion for Future Success

Growth by Acquisition

Summit Communication Group, in partnership with a US private equity firm with institutional support, specializes in Growth by Acquisition. Our Acquisitions Platform is designed for high-potential consolidation ventures, targeting total acquisition enterprises requiring more than $150m (USD), focusing on individual companies with a minimum of $5m EBITDA and managed Capital Expenditure.

We are industry-agnostic and offer this transformative service to industry-leading businesses in sectors like Consumer & Specialist Healthcare, Wealth Management & Accounting, Civil Construction, Waste Management, Luxury Hospitality and Entertainment throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Discover how our tailored acquisition strategies can propel your business to new heights in these dynamic sectors.

Growth by Acquisition

Principles & Culture

Empowering Businesses through Strategic Acquisitions

At Summit Communication Group, we are dedicated to fostering growth and innovation. Our team, driven by a vision of strategic expansion, provides comprehensive support for roll-up mergers, empowering businesses to achieve scalable success and industry leadership.


Strategic Pathways for Business Expansion

Our process is meticulously tailored to the unique demands of growth through acquisition. We begin by understanding the specifics of your business landscape and strategic goals, ensuring our support is both comprehensive and effective.

Due Diligence: Market and Company Analysis

We conduct thorough market analysis and company assessments, aligning our strategies with the potential for successful roll-up mergers with an industry-leader with domain expertise.

Strategic Planning

Our team develops a comprehensive strategic plan, identifying potential acquisition targets and outlining a roadmap for growth.

Ongoing Support

We offer continuous support throughout the acquisition journey, adapting our strategies as market dynamics evolve.

Risk Management

We implement robust risk management strategies to safeguard your interests and ensure the viability of the acquisition process.

Integration and Optimization

Our experts work closely with your team to ensure seamless integration of acquisitions, optimizing operational efficiencies and achieving desired outcomes.

Why Us?

Aligning Investors with Strategic Growth Opportunities

Backed by a robust network of institutional investors, Summit Communication Group offers expansive access to capital resources and strategic insights. Our expertise in aligning investor interests with growth opportunities through acquisitions fosters enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

Funding of Acquisition Initiatives

The capital partners of Summit Communication Group specialize in co-underwriting and strategically deploying capital across diverse structures for acquisition initiatives. This approach effectively complements the internal and fund capital of General Partner (GP) fund managers, tapping into new capital sources and maximizing growth potential.

Co-Investment Opportunities

As the market evolves, co-investment emerges as a strategic tool for expanding the capacity to fund acquisition transactions. Our approach enables businesses to leverage this strategy, driving growth and reshaping industries.

Non-Recourse Acquisition Financing: Transforming Business Landscapes

We specialize in non-recourse financing for acquisitions, a transformative strategy that aligns the interests of all parties involved. This approach enables businesses to pursue strategic acquisitions without the burden of financial limitations, shifting from traditional operational models to profit-centric entities.

Benefits of Non-Recourse Acquisition Financing:

  • Enabling Strategic Business Expansion: Businesses can confidently pursue acquisitions with strong potential, backed by financial support that aligns with their strategic objectives.
  • Mitigating Financial Risk: This approach reduces financial risk, as obligations are contingent on successful integration and performance outcomes.
  • Improving Cash Flow: Businesses benefit from improved cash flow management, alleviating upfront financial pressures.
  • Transitioning from Operational to Strategic Focus: Businesses can shift their focus from day-to-day operations to strategic growth and market leadership.

If your business is poised to redefine its market position and embark on a journey of strategic expansion, non-recourse acquisition financing offers a pathway to success. Contact Summit Communication Group today to explore how this solution can benefit your business.

Industry Sectors

These sectors exemplify the versatility and impact of strategic acquisitions, demonstrating their role as a key financial tool across various industries, particularly where market fragmentation and innovation intersect.

  • Consumer & Specialist Healthcare
    Elevating Healthcare Innovation through Strategic Acquisitions.
  • Wealth Management & Accounting
    Transforming Financial Services with Strategic Growth Initiatives
  • Civil Construction
    Building Industry Leadership through Strategic Consolidation
  • Waste Management
    Revolutionizing Waste Management through Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Luxury Hospitality
    Crafting a Legacy in Luxury Hospitality with Strategic Growth
  • Entertainment:
    Shaping the Future of Entertainment through Strategic Acquisitions

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