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Summit Communication Group, a pioneering global investment bank, specializes in selling, buying, fundraising, securitization, and pre/post deal services in the Media and Entertainment sector. Whether you’re considering selling your company, acquiring a business, fundraising, or securitizing your assets, our expertise and track record ensure you find the right solution in this rapidly evolving industry.

Our commitment is to help you achieve your strategic objectives, leveraging our experience, market knowledge, and extensive contacts. Explore our portfolio of successful deals, a testament to our commitment and expertise. References from these clients are available upon request.

Entertainment Investments

Principles & Culture

Crafting Success in Entertainment Investment

At Summit Communication Group, we understand the unique nuances of the media and entertainment industry. Our team, passionate and committed, approaches every deal with creativity, strategic insight, and dedication, ensuring success for our clients.


A Tailored Approach to Entertainment Investment

Our process is designed to navigate the unique challenges of the entertainment sector. We start with a thorough understanding of your position and goals, complemented by our top-down analysis of cultural and societal trends impacting the industry.


Your objectives guide our strategy. We leverage our deep industry expertise to craft a plan that exceeds your expectations, ensuring every action aligns with your goals and market dynamics.

Active Engagement

We actively engage with the market, utilizing our extensive network and insights to identify opportunities and navigate challenges, ensuring the right message reaches the right stakeholders.

Perpetual Support and Evolution

Our engagement continues post-deal, offering ongoing support and adaptation as the market changes, with regular reviews and data-led insights to keep your strategy dynamic and effective.

Our Services

Optimising Asset Realisation and Investment Growth

At Summit Communication Group, we specialise in steering entities like Conglomerates, Shareholders, Entrepreneurs, Intellectual Property Owners, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, and Estates towards achieving their strategic objectives, particularly in the realm of asset realisation and investment growth.

Our transatlantic presence, bolstered by offices across multiple territories, positions us uniquely in the global market. This geographical advantage, combined with our established buyer relationships, forms the cornerstone of our service offering. With over a quarter-century of experience, we pride ourselves on our proven expertise in advising high-growth companies. Our focus is not just on maximising stakeholder value but also on nurturing the full potential of your business.

Our approach is comprehensive and tailored. We begin by evaluating your strategic objectives, a crucial step in understanding the unique dynamics of your business. Following this, we delve into assessing potential investors or acquirers, ensuring that every opportunity aligns with your long-term goals. Our advisory extends to transactional terms, including valuation analysis, timing, key personnel, and potential financing structures.

What sets us apart is our commitment to guiding not just you, but also your management teams and shareholders through a clear, well-defined process. This journey with Summit Communication Group is not just about achieving a transaction; it’s about realising the full potential of your assets and investments, ensuring growth and success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Navigating the Art of Strategic Acquisitions

In the dynamic world of acquisitions, Summit Communication Group stands as your strategic ally, guiding you towards achieving your objectives. Whether you’re exploring acquisition targets for strategic growth, diversifying your business, or seeking to complement your existing operations, we are here to facilitate your journey.

With three decades of experience in the marketplace, our expertise extends beyond mere transactions. We have honed our skills in tracking and monitoring high-growth companies, focusing on those led by exceptional management teams. These companies are not just seeking investment; they are looking to become part of something larger, something akin to your vision.

Our proficiency in deal structuring is unparalleled. We specialize in developing management incentivization structures, ensuring that your acquisitions are not just financially sound but also strategically advantageous. This involves securing beneficial terms and retaining key personnel, crucial elements for the long-term success of any acquisition.

What truly sets us apart is our network of established business intermediary relationships. This network allows us to identify potential acquisition targets before they even hit the market, giving you the advantage of foresight and preparation. With Summit Communication Group, you’re not just making an acquisition; you’re making a strategic move that’s well-informed and expertly executed.

Catalysing Growth in a World Hungry for Quality Content

In an era where investment in the content space is not just trending but accelerating, Summit Communication Group stands at the forefront of this evolution. The burgeoning market size, optimistic market outlook, and the disruptive nature of the streaming market have elevated content to a pinnacle of value for Private Equity buyers.

Our prowess in the media and entertainment sector is not just about structuring deals; it’s about leading some of the most innovative Private Equity transactions in this domain. These deals are crafted not only to allow content producers to thrive but also to enable financiers to achieve successful exits and substantial fund raises.

For those contemplating a foray into the content space, Summit Communication Group offers more than just experience. We provide the expertise to identify the right target and bring to you a deal that not only meets but exceeds your strategic objectives. Our approach is not just transactional; it’s transformational, ensuring that your investment reaps dividends in a landscape that is as dynamic as it is lucrative.

Maximizing Value from Intellectual Property

In the realm of Intellectual Property (IP) rights, possessing assets with stable long-term revenue streams presents a unique opportunity for increased liquidity. Summit Communication Group excels in this niche, offering bespoke advisory services for rights owners seeking to capitalise on their IP assets.

Our track record in advising on multiple financial structures for IP rights owners is marked by significant achievements, including substantial upfront payments. These payments have empowered our clients to invest in alternative commercial projects or fulfil lifestyle expenditures, thereby enhancing their financial flexibility and strategic options.

Our approach to securitisation is both meticulous and tailored. We work closely with you to package your rights, ensuring they are presented in a manner that maximises their market appeal. The structuring of capital solutions is a critical aspect of our service, where we focus on efficiency and alignment with your specific needs. This process is not just about finding a solution; it’s about finding the most efficient one.

Furthermore, we manage a competitive process to secure the best financing terms available. Our expertise and market knowledge ensure that you receive optimal terms, reflecting the true value of your IP assets.

At Summit Communication Group, we don’t just see IP rights as assets; we see them as opportunities for growth and financial empowerment. Our securitisation services are designed to unlock this potential, providing you with the means to achieve your broader financial and strategic goals.

Pioneering Investments in Media and Entertainment

For Private Equity investors, High Net-worth Individuals, Banks, or Venture Capitalists eyeing the media and entertainment sector, Summit Communication Group offers a gateway to unparalleled investment opportunities. Our expertise is not just in identifying potential investment targets; it’s about understanding and aligning with your strategic vision.

Our longstanding relationships with high-growth companies in need of capital are a testament to our deep-rooted presence in the industry. These companies, seeking buyouts, growth equity, or recapitalizations, represent a spectrum of investment opportunities, each with its unique potential and appeal.

The strength of Summit Communication Group lies in our proactive approach. We don’t just wait for opportunities to surface; we identify potential investment targets before they become publicly known. This foresight allows our clients to be ahead of the curve, making well-informed decisions in a competitive market.

Our advisory expertise extends to multiple financial structures, ranging from straightforward single bank debt to more intricate arrangements involving a consortium of investors. This flexibility in structuring deals ensures that we can tailor solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

If you are a financial investor or bank contemplating an entry into the content space, Summit Communication Group is equipped with the experience and insights to guide you. We don’t just bring you a deal; we bring you the deal that perfectly aligns with your strategic objectives, ensuring that your investment journey in the media and entertainment sector is both successful and rewarding.

Elevating Personal Brands to Global Powerhouses

For Celebrities, Writers, Executive Directors, and Producers aspiring to build a brand or establish a production company, Summit Communication Group stands as a beacon of expertise and guidance. Our role transcends mere advisory; we are architects of dreams, transforming visions into tangible, thriving realities.

Our experience in advising a diverse array of talents, including celebrities, producers, and senior industry executives, is extensive and multifaceted. We specialize in maximizing the value of personal brands. This involves not just enhancing their market presence but also strategically raising investment to build studios or production companies. Our approach is tailored to each individual’s unique aspirations and professional landscape.

Partnering with Summit Communication Group means accessing a wealth of opportunities, including collaborations with strategic or financial investors. Our network and industry insights are pivotal in forging these partnerships, ensuring they are not only lucrative but also synergistic with your long-term goals.

We are committed to helping you transform your production company, studio, or brand into an international powerhouse. Our expertise lies in navigating the complexities of the entertainment industry, ensuring that every step you take is calculated, strategic, and aligned with your vision of success.

At Summit Communication Group, we don’t just advise; we empower. We turn dreams into legacies, ensuring that your talent and vision resonate on a global stage.

Navigating Market Dynamics for Organizational Evolution

In an era where market dynamics are constantly evolving, Summit Communication Group stands as your strategic partner, guiding your organization through transformative changes. Our advisory services are tailored for those contemplating the next big leap in their organizational evolution, ensuring that every move aligns with the shifting market landscape.

Our team of seasoned advisors specializes in crafting practical strategic plans that are not just visionary but also executable. These plans are designed to guide your organization’s transformation, enabling it to adapt and thrive amidst market changes. We delve deep into reviewing your management objectives, a critical step in aligning your vision with market realities.

Financial modeling forms a core part of our advisory services. We prepare robust financial models that not only reflect your current standing but also project your future trajectory, considering various market scenarios. This comprehensive approach ensures that your strategic decisions are data-driven and financially sound.

Whether your focus is on creating efficiencies, driving growth, unlocking funds, or even preparing for the eventual sale of your company, our team is equipped to facilitate the implementation of both short and long-term strategic plans. Our expertise extends to interacting with major finance providers, giving us the insight to identify the right institutions for fundraising efforts.

At Summit Communication Group, our advisory services are more than just consultations; they are partnerships in your journey towards growth and success. We are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the market, ensuring that your organization not only adapts but also excels in the face of change.

Navigating the Complexities of Earn Out and Beyond

In the intricate landscape of post-deal scenarios, particularly when dealing with deferred considerations or contingencies like the “Earn Out,” Summit Communication Group offers a beacon of expertise and support. Our dedicated team of specialists is adept at guiding you through this critical phase, ensuring that every commitment and requirement is meticulously addressed.

Post Close

In the immediate aftermath of a deal closure, our focus is on the crucial aspects of financial adjustments and compliance:

  • Working Capital/Excess Cash Calculations
    We meticulously assess and calculate the working capital and excess cash, ensuring that all financial aspects are accurately accounted for.
  • Revaluation/Catch Up Payments
    Where necessary, we undertake revaluations and manage any catch-up payments, aligning them with the agreed terms of the deal.
  • Operating Agreement/Compliance
    Ensuring adherence to the operating agreement and compliance with all contractual obligations is paramount, and we provide comprehensive support in this regard.
Transition Period

As you navigate the transition period, our services include:

  • Reminders of Forthcoming Measurement Periods
    We keep you informed and prepared for upcoming measurement periods, a crucial aspect of the Earn Out process.
  • EBITDA Calculations and Checks
    Our team assists in calculating, checking, and comparing EBITDA calculations against forecasts previously provided.
  • Earn Out Calculations
    We meticulously check or prepare Earn Out calculations, ensuring they align with the deal’s terms and your expectations.
Earn Out Period

Approaching the end of the Earn Out period often brings new discussions and potential deal extensions:

  • Strategic Advice for Deal Extension
    We provide expert advice on the best strategies to maximize benefits from a potential new deal.
  • Exploring Market Alternatives
    Our team assesses alternatives that might exist in the market, offering you a broader perspective and more options.

At Summit Communication Group, our Post Deal Services are not just about fulfilling obligations; they’re about ensuring that you emerge from the Earn Out period strategically positioned for future success. We provide the insights and support necessary to navigate this complex phase, ensuring that your interests are protected and maximized.

Priming Your Business for Investment and Sale

As you embark on the journey of preparing your business for investment or a successful sale, Summit Communication Group’s dedicated team of specialists stands ready to assist. Our Pre-Deal Services are designed to meticulously prepare your business, enhancing its appeal to potential investors or buyers.

  • Key Focus Areas in Pre-Deal Preparation
    Our comprehensive approach encompasses several critical areas, ensuring that your business is not just ready for a deal but is positioned as an attractive proposition:
  • Financial Performance
    We conduct a thorough review and regular assessment of your financial performance. This includes analyzing your revenue streams, profitability, and financial health, ensuring they reflect the strength and potential of your business.
  • Reporting Systems
    Robust and transparent reporting systems are crucial for any potential deal. We evaluate and enhance your reporting mechanisms, ensuring they meet the standards expected by investors and buyers.
  • Management Review
    The strength of your management team is a key consideration for investors and buyers. We assess the effectiveness of your management, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  • Strategic Proposition
    Your business’s strategic direction and proposition are scrutinized. We help refine your strategic plan, ensuring it aligns with market opportunities and investor expectations.
  • Market Presence and Analysis
    Understanding your position in the market is vital. We analyze your market presence, competitive landscape, and industry trends, providing insights that can be leveraged during negotiations.
  • Reputation Assessment
    A business’s reputation can significantly impact its attractiveness to investors and buyers. We review your public and industry reputation, advising on strategies to enhance it where necessary.

Our Pre-Deal Services are more than just a checklist; they are a strategic roadmap to enhancing your business’s value and appeal. We work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your business is scrutinized, optimized, and aligned with the goal of attracting investment or generating a successful sale.

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